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Atomic Bingo Nights at Corniciones in Antioch, Illinois

Atomic Bingo is a new spin on a very old game. It is absolutely free for the customer to play. Jackpots as large as $10,000 have been awarded as the jackpots increase $1,000 per week until the jackpot is hit again! We will provide a host, all sound equipment, and BINGO calling software to maximize your experience. You will be given a crayon and a stack of 10 cards to play. An Atomic Bingo session typically lasts 2 hours. 

We have a full bar serving beer, wine, and cocktails and a private gaming lounge for your entertainment featuring 6 video slot and poker machines with the latest games. We will also have a discounted Bingo Food and drink Menu.

Come join us, unwind, and have a fun evening. We look forward to seeing you!